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                Optical platform vibration precautions

                Date:2017-05-11 Author: Click:

                No matter what kind of laser applications, in order to maintain the stability of the optical path, vibration isolation and the importance of desktop damping are stressed too much.

                Whether a complex optical system is stable depends to a large extent on the performance of the optical platform and vibration isolation legs. With the increasing use of the application, the design of the optical system is becoming more complex and more challenging for the stability of the optical path - if the installation is not correct, even the most perfect vibration isolation program is difficult to achieve results.

                The most important role of the optical platform is to provide dynamic stiffness (Dynamic rigidity). The stability of the optical path is mainly affected by the relative motion of point-to-point in the long axis direction of the table. These relative movements result from equipment built on the desktop, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and other sound sources. The best way to cut these vibrations is to isolate them at the source, such as placing a flexible pad between the device and the table, adding a baffle for the exhaust pipe, or using an acoustic hood. It should be noted that the optical platform, while providing a relatively stable environment, but can not completely stop the vibration from the desktop itself, thus affecting the other equipment on the desktop.

                Optical platform manufacturer

                The deformation of the optical element is the second largest source of system instability. Even if the optical platform as a rigid body, the inherent vibration of the rigid body will still trigger the natural adjustment of the optical frame, resulting in optical path instability. To quantify the possible displacement of the analogue optical adjustment frame in a typical laboratory environment, we fixed the 1-inch adjustment frame to a 6-inch lens column and simulate a fan, electric displacement table or other acoustics similar to the desktop on the surface of the optical platform Perturbed broadband noise. The displacement of the adjustment frame is measured by a laser vibrometer that does not produce any mass effect. Experiments using the SmartTable active damping optical platform, while measuring the structure of damping and active damping movement, in order to fully reflect the damping desktop damping effect.

                Optical platform manufacturer

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